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California Law - Search California Administrative Codes made available by The Legislative Counsel. The Legislative Counsel was established in 1913 to assist the Legislature, the Governor, and other state officers by providing legal services relating to the legislative process. The Legislative Counsel is required by law to make legislative information available to the public on the Internet. 
California Contractor's License Board - Check the status of Contractor's Licenses
California Code of Regulations - In 1979, the Legislature created the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) to ensure that state agency regulations are authorized by statute, consistent with other law, and written in a comprehensible manner, as provided in the rulemaking part of California’s Administrative Procedure Act (Sections 11340 through 11359 of the  Government Code).This California Code of Regulations (CCR) Website contains the text of the regulations that have been formally adopted by state agencies, reviewed and approved by the Office of Administrative Law, and filed with the Secretary of State. The CCR consists of 28 titles and contains the regulations of approximately 200 regulatory agencies. A regulation is a rule adopted by a state regulatory agency to implement, interpret, or make specific the law enforced or administered by it, or to govern its procedure.
The California Department of Insurance (CDI) site is designed to assist consumers, aid in the licensing of insurance agents or brokers, and serve as a source of information on the laws that regulate the insurance industry.
Department of the Treasury's Listing of Approved Sureties (Federal)
California Department of Labor Statistics and Research conducts research and publishes information on economic, employment, and work-place safety and health statistics.  Publications include the Director's General Prevailing Wage Determinations and the California Consumer Price Index.  DLSR also has an industrial relations research library.
The Brown Act - The Brown Act is the California Law that governs the conduct of local government and other agency meetings. This web page is hosted by a legal firm.  It does not reference when it was last updated.
California Department of Finance - State budget information and more!
California Paving Asphalt Price Index - This index is  used for adjustments to compensation for paving asphalt projects. Published by Cal Trans.  The California Statewide Paving Asphalt Price Index is determined each month by the Department using the median of posted prices in effect on the first business day of the month as posted by Chevron Corporation, Exxon Mobil Corporation (formerly Mobil) and Tosco (formerly Unocal) for the Buena Vista, Huntington Beach, Kern River, Long Beach, Midway Sunset and Wilmington fields.
San Diego County Office of Education's Helpful Contract Documents
San Diego County Office of Education's Commercial Warrant Claims Manual


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