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Current Bidding Opportunities

Listed below are certain bidding opportunities. Not every NCEPC bidding opportunity is posted on this site. Each bid's legal advertisement will specify the method and location for obtaining bid documents, which will vary for each bid. Some bids are not posted online, and some bids may be posted on the bid adminstrator's own school district's website. Please contact bid administrators directly for information pertaining to each bid. Visit our "Current Contracts & Bid Administrator Contact Info" page for bid administrator contact information.


Child Nutrition Services – Purchase and Delivery of Milk, Juice, Bottled Water, and Dairy Products,  RFP No. CNS 01-2021

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RFP information and updates are posted on the Carlsbad Unified School District website. 
Please visit the CUSD website at for current information including any potential addenda.

Note: not all NCEPC bid opportunities are posted on this site. Please contact the bid administrator directly for potential bid opportunities that may be posted on district websites.


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